New Features

  • [core] Infinite stream processing with event-time semantics using watermarks.

  • [core] Out of the box processors for tumbling, sliding and session window aggregations.

  • [core] New AggregateOperation abstraction with several out of the box aggregators.

  • [core] Bootstrapper script for submitting a JAR and running a DAG from it. [#421]

  • [core] Sources and Sinks reorganized into Sources and Sinks static classes.

  • [core] Added Sources.streamSocket() and Sinks.writeSocket() for reading from and writing to sockets. [#358], [#363]

  • [core] Added Sources.readFile(), Sources.streamFile() and Sources.writeFile() for reading and writing files. [#373], [#376]

  • [core] Added Sources.readCache() and Sinks.writeCache() for reading from and writing to Hazelcast ICache. [#357]

  • [core] Added diagnostic processors for debugging. [#426]

  • [] support for ICache. [#360]

  • [pcf] Hazelcast Jet tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry was released.


  • [core] Hazelcast IMDG updated to 3.8.2 and is now shaded in the Jet JAR. [#367]
  • [core] Blocking outbox support for non-cooperative processors. [#372], [#375]
  • [core] JobFuture added to Processor.Context. [#381]
  • [core] Processor.Context.index() renamed to globalProcessorIndex() and now returns a global index. [#405]
  • [core] Fairer distribution of tasklets when number of cores is larger than number of tasklets in a job. [#443]
  • [] Added configuration option to DistributedStream. [#359]

Code Samples Improvements

  • Sliding window Stock exchange streaming sample. [#19], [#21]
  • Hazelcast IMap/IList/ICache sample. [#16]
  • PCF-integration with Spring Boot sample. [#17]
  • Socket reader and writer examples with Netty. [#15]
  • Read and write files example. [#24]
  • Top N streaming example. [#27]
  • HashJoin and CoGroup samples added. [#28], [#29]


  • [core] Missing return value for JobConfig.addJar(). [#393]
  • [core] Improve reliability of ExecutionService on shutdown. [#409]
  • [core] Metaspace memory was not recovered fully when custom class loader is used. [#466]