This section lists the new features, enhancements, fixed issues and, removed or deprecated features for Hazelcast Jet 0.4 release.

New Features

The following are the new features introduced with Jet 0.4 release.

  • [core] Infinite stream processing with event-time semantics using watermarks.

  • [core] Out of the box processors for tumbling, sliding and session window aggregations.

  • [core] New AggregateOperation abstraction with several out of the box aggregators.

  • [core] Bootstrapper script for submitting a JAR and running a DAG from it. [#421]

  • [core] Sources and Sinks reorganized into Sources and Sinks static classes.

  • [core] Added Sources.streamSocket() and Sinks.writeSocket() for reading from and writing to sockets. [#358], [#363]

  • [core] Added Sources.readFile(), Sources.streamFile() and Sources.writeFile() for reading and writing files. [#373], [#376]

  • [core] Added Sources.readCache() and Sinks.writeCache() for reading from and writing to Hazelcast ICache. [#357]

  • [core] Added diagnostic processors for debugging. [#426]

  • [] support for ICache. [#360]

  • [pcf] Hazelcast Jet tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry was released.


The following are the enhancements introduced with Jet 0.4 release.

  • [core] Hazelcast IMDG updated to 3.8.2 and is now shaded in the Jet JAR. [#367]
  • [core] Blocking outbox support for non-cooperative processors. [#372], [#375]
  • [core] JobFuture added to Processor.Context. [#381]
  • [core] Processor.Context.index() renamed to globalProcessorIndex() and now returns a global index. [#405]
  • [core] Fairer distribution of tasklets when number of cores is larger than number of tasklets in a job. [#443]
  • [] Added configuration option to DistributedStream. [#359]

Code Samples Improvements

  • Sliding window Stock exchange streaming sample. [#19], [#21]
  • Hazelcast IMap/IList/ICache sample. [#16]
  • PCF-integration with Spring Boot sample. [#17]
  • Socket reader and writer examples with Netty. [#15]
  • Read and write files example. [#24]
  • Top N streaming example. [#27]
  • HashJoin and CoGroup samples added. [#28], [#29]


The following are the issues solved for Jet 0.4 release.

  • [core] Missing return value for JobConfig.addJar(). [#393]
  • [core] Improve reliability of ExecutionService on shutdown. [#409]
  • [core] Metaspace memory was not recovered fully when custom class loader is used. [#466]