• Introduced the display of last login time. [#575]
  • Type of the key is validated on Browse Map/Cache dialog. [#588]
  • Added extra option to start the script for the location to expand the WAR file. [#581]
  • Repeated unsuccessful login attempts cause the login to be disabled incrementally. [#578]
  • "Secure" flag is set for cookies when HTTPS is used. [#574]


  • Fix a bug where no labels were shown on "Partition Distribution" pie chart. [#570]
  • Show the correct license type when a Management Center only license is used. [#548]
  • Fix role checking for manual calls to HTTP endpoints. [#579]
  • Fix NPE during cluster restart. [#547]
  • Fix confusing WAN start/stop button. [#496]
  • Fix script's help command. [#577]
  • Fix "No Socket Interceptor" warning for 3.8.x clusters. [#586]