New Features

  • Monitoring Clients: You can now monitor all the clients that are connected to your Hazelcast cluster. Currently only the Java clients can be monitored.


  • Notify user on incompatible member version. [#465]
  • TLS mutual authentication. [#457]
  • Promote lite members to data members. [#456]
  • Add cache browser. [#373]
  • Authentication SPI & JAAS Authentication. [#363]
  • Socket Interceptor Support: Now it is possible to manage your cluster from the Management Center if you have enabled socket interceptor on it. Please refer to Administering Management Center for more information.
  • Updated the user interface refresh period as every 5 seconds (it was every second). [#531]
  • Input on the "Change Cluster Version" dialog is now validated. [#535]
  • Introduced warning when value not found in Cache Browser. [#525]
  • Script, user and alert names now accept only alpha-numeric characters. [#511], [#514], [#515]


  • Fix security providers listed twice in the security provider dialog. [#382]
  • Incorrect High-Density Memory Store values at the Map monitoring screen. [#374]
  • Fixed cross site scripting vulnerabilities.