Welcome to the Hazelcast Management Center Release Notes. This document includes the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Hazelcast Management Center releases.

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Hazelcast Management Center enables you to monitor and manage your nodes that are running Hazelcast. In addition to monitoring the overall state of your clusters, you can also analyze and browse your data structures in detail, update map configurations, and take thread dump from nodes. With its scripting and console module, you can run scripts (JavaScript, Groovy, etc.) and commands on your members.

During development, Management Center provides deep insights. In production, it can be directly used by IT operations or integrated with enterprise monitoring tools using technologies, such as REST and JMX. Management Center also provides dedicated controls for WAN Replication for monitoring replication, and to manipulate services, configuration, and processes.

Management Center provides the fundamental properties of the selected cluster with an easy to use interface.

The linked numbers in the square brackets refer to the issue number in Hazelcast Management Center GitHub repository.



  • The button "Clear Queue" in WAN does not work: it does nothing after the publisher is stopped. [#779]

  • Added a system property to disable TLS hostname verification while connecting to TLS-enabled clusters. [#770]

  • WAN synchronization configuration fails: after running a Hazelcast member and adding a transient WAN configuration, there is no error, but the member logs it that REST API is not enabled. [#769]

  • Except the "Size" graph in the Replicated Map’s screen, there is no statistics shown. [#714]



  • The administrator users are allowed to change other users' passwords (and also their own passwords). Now, Management Center requires the administrator users' password when they want to change other users' passwords or delete them. [#721]

  • Introduced warnings on the Management Center user interface and also loggings when thread dump and execute script requests fail. [#717]

  • To prevent brute-force password guessing attacks, repeated failed login attempts cause the login for a specific username to be disabled for some time. This behavior is now configurable. Please see Disable Login Configuration. [#697]

  • Introduced the support for configuring licenses from the command line: Management Center now reads licenses also from a system property (hazelcast.mc.license). Please see Starting with a License. [#618], [#541]


  • Multiple login issue: session expires when the same user logs in multiple times. [#668]

  • Read-only and Metrics-only users are logged out when they open the map tab. [#666]



  • Introduced a command line parameter (hazelcast.mc.forceLogoutOnMultipleLogin) to enable/disable forced logout on multiple login attempts with the same user name. [#629]

  • Password complexity rules have been hardened. [#621]

  • Introduced a global error page for unhandled exceptions. [#620]

  • Time travel is no longer allowed for the clusters whose names include non-alpha-numeric characters other than dash (-) and underscore (_). A warning is shown to the user if time travel is enabled such clusters. This enhancement was needed since by having special characters in the cluster name, one can traverse the filesystem and cause harm. [#608]

  • Management Center is now compatible with Java 9; it was not working under JDK9. [#538], [#600]

  • The session timeout has been made configurable for the embedded mode. It was by default 30 minutes. [#461]


  • Upon the very first startup of Management Center, after entering the license, when a cluster with WAN replication enabled is viewed, the "WAN" tab is not shown. It is only shown after the user logs in again. [#637]

  • Cache browser does not work for records on remote member: when Management Center tries to get a cache entry, execution fails if the record is not available locally on the member. [#603]

  • Even if the license key is provided during the initial configuration, the warning line "Node Limit Exceeded" is still shown in Management Center. [#564]

  • Management Center’s "Map Config" dialog shows "default" as the map name although it is not "default". [#501]

  • The session ID must be updated after logging into Management Center. [#463]

  • Multiple simultaneous logons must not be allowed using the same user ID as a security requirement. [#462]

  • The error messages shown to the end users are not sanitized: In these messages, Management Center should reveal only the information that the end users need to know. [#460]

  • The "Operations" dropdown menu does not show the options after a license update. [#396]

Behavioral Changes

  • Default value of the system property hazelcast.mc.max.visible.instance.count changed from 100 to Integer.MAX_VALUE. So you may see more than usual data in your Management Center, if you have more than 100 data structures in your Hazelcast cluster.



  • Introduced the display of last login time. [#575]

  • Type of the key is validated on Browse Map/Cache dialog. [#588]

  • Added extra option to start the script for the location to expand the WAR file. [#581]

  • Repeated unsuccessful login attempts cause the login to be disabled incrementally. [#578]

  • "Secure" flag is set for cookies when HTTPS is used. [#574]


  • Fix a bug where no labels were shown on "Partition Distribution" pie chart. [#570]

  • Show the correct license type when a Management Center only license is used. [#548]

  • Fix role checking for manual calls to HTTP endpoints. [#579]

  • Fix NPE during cluster restart. [#547]

  • Fix confusing WAN start/stop button. [#496]

  • Fix script’s help command. [#577]

  • Fix "No Socket Interceptor" warning for 3.8.x clusters. [#586]


New Features

  • Monitoring Clients: You can now monitor all the clients that are connected to your Hazelcast cluster. Currently only the Java clients can be monitored.


  • Notify user on incompatible member version. [#465]

  • TLS mutual authentication. [#457]

  • Promote lite members to data members. [#456]

  • Add cache browser. [#373]

  • Authentication SPI & JAAS Authentication. [#363]

  • Socket Interceptor Support: Now it is possible to manage your cluster from the Management Center if you have enabled socket interceptor on it. Please refer to Administering Management Center for more information.

  • Updated the user interface refresh period as every 5 seconds (it was every second). [#531]

  • Input on the "Change Cluster Version" dialog is now validated. [#535]

  • Introduced warning when value not found in Cache Browser. [#525]

  • Script, user and alert names now accept only alpha-numeric characters. [#511], [#514], [#515]


  • Fix security providers listed twice in the security provider dialog. [#382]

  • Incorrect High-Density Memory Store values at the Map monitoring screen. [#374]

  • Fixed cross site scripting vulnerabilities.



  • Script, user and alert names now accept only alpha-numeric characters. [#511], [#514], [#515]

  • Introduced warning when value not found in Cache Browser. [#525]


  • Fixed cross site scripting vulnerabilities.


New Features

  • Monitoring of Reliable Topic: Now it is possible to monitor your Reliable Topic data structures through Hazelcast Management Center.


  • JMX host name is now configurable.


  • WAN sync looks for incorrect map when there is more than one map in the dropdown list. [#494],[#495]

  • Inconsistent list of data structures: When there are more than two Hazelcast members, Management Center cannot show the full data structure lists every time since the members' states are updated but instance objects are not. [#488]


New Features

  • TLS Protocol Exclusions: Added an option to exclude specific TLS protocols.


  • Eliminated a security bug on the initial authentication configuration. [#459]

  • Prevented multiple notifications when changing cluster states. [#452]

  • Moved the cluster state controls to its own tab. [#451]


  • Version display is fixed so that it shows the full Management Center version including the patch release number. [#454]

  • The label of the button "Shutdown Node" in Management Center should be changed to "Shutdown Members" due to naming conventions. [#450]