The following are fixed issues and enhancements for Hazelcast 3.8.4 release.

  • Added timeout option for the get operation when Hazelcast is used within the Spring context. [#11001]
  • HTTP HEAD support added to the REST interface. [#11000]
  • ClientProxy gets NullPointerException from the method getClient. [#10961]
  • Added support for collecting and tracking statistics for all reliable topic proxies on a local member. The statistics are destroyed when the proxy is destroyed. [#10932]
  • The method containsKey returns "true" even the key does not exist in the map. [#10923]
  • Assuming a scenario in which invalidations are generated previously for some other near caches and then later a new near cached map is created, all entries that are near cached before the first reconciliation period will be removed. [#10913]
  • HTTP upload to Hazelcast fails. The code fails with the exception BufferOverflowException. [#10878]
  • The method MapProxyImpl.executeOnKeys() does not work when ConcurrentSkipListSet is passed and throws NullPointerException. [#10877]

Known Issues

Upgrading from 3.6.x to 3.8.x (Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise) when using JCache: Due to a compatibility problem, CacheConfig serialization may not work if your member is 3.8.x where x < 5. Hence, you will need to use Hazelcast 3.8.5 or higher version where the problem is being fixed. This issue affects Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise only.