The following are fixed issues and enhancements for Hazelcast 3.8.7 release.

  • MapStore: Map initialization is blocked when new members join during the data loading. [#11407]
  • Split-brain is not working as expected on a 2-member cluster. There occurs a cluster merge deadlock when the core size is 1. [#11403]
  • Unable to connect any address in the configuration. [#11288]
  • OperationTimeoutException thrown at Hazelcast clients should include a more informative text. [#11241], [#11236]
  • Stale reads must be guaranteed from the map inside a transaction, when Near Cache and delayed MapStore are enabled. [#9248]
  • A GroupProperty INDEX_COPY_BEHAVIOR was added to enable fine-tuning of index query behavior. Related to performance degradation reported in [#11280]