New Features

  • Ping Failure Detector: Ping Failure Detector provides a quicker and more deterministic detection of hardware and other lower level events. Please see the Ping Failure Detector section.


  • MulticastJoiner may cause OutOfMemoryException due to the self-amplification in SplitBrainJoinMessage sending. [#11836]
  • Dynamic configuration added on the lite member is not found after a Split-Brain healing. [#11815]
  • Client transactions does not respect to unisocket behavior. [#11802]
  • Incorrect null log message in DelegatingAddressPicker. [#11783]
  • A high number of EntryEventType[] is created in a client application which receives many entry events. In a specific application, EntryEventType[] dominates the application's overall memory allocation. [#11777]
  • Hazelcast client fails to connect to the cluster if the first cluster member is down. [#11735]
  • After promoting a member (HazelcastInstance.getCluster().promoteLocalLiteMember()) the instance of the member retrieved by getMembers() is not updated. [#11720]
  • Enqueued item gets lost when the client stops and reconnects sooner than hazelcast.client.endpoint.remove.delay.seconds. [#11700]
  • While trying to setup Hazelcast on AWS, the order of member initialization is wrong. [#11681]
  • Query cache on an IMap that is subsequently destroyed and recreated does not work. [#11666]
  • The method DefaultQueryCache::getAll does not check for null values. [#11665]
  • When the method HazelcastInstance.shutdown() is called, the following error is thrown: "Could not retrieve ringbuffer service to destroy event journal". [#11662]
  • Defining management center in the configuration causes partition migrations even though there is no data. [#11598]
  • Weird Split-Brain like issue with Hazelcast 3.8.4. [#11533]
  • Consider logging new HTTP connections with DEBUG or lower level. [#11196]
  • HashSet and HashMap are initialized with a too small size. [#9445]
Coverity Fixes
  • Dereference null return value in the methodClientConnectionManagerImpl.encodeAuthenticationRequest(). [#11767]
  • Using invalid iterator in the method SmartClientListenerService.deregisterListenerInternal(String). [#11760]
  • Resource leak in client's ProxyManager. [#11751]