• Expiration operations can be stopped/canceled during the SHUTTING_DOWN state. Otherwise it causes graceful shutdowns which take longer, especially on clusters with a large amount of data, e.g., High-Density Memory Store backed maps. It is not necessary to block the shutdown for these operations since it will eventually be handled on the new owner of the entries. [#11919]
  • Changed Hazelcast base images from Debian to Alpine Linux. Hence, the size of the image is reduced. [#48].


  • PartitionPredicate on MapAggregation throws exception when it is called from the client. [#11923]
  • Some client TransactionalMap operations deserializes on the server side, while IMap.values() does not do so. This causes serialization exceptions on a client-member setup when members do not have the serialization information, e.g., in case where portables are used. [#11885]
  • Replicated map's Javadoc contains only member behaviors/requirements which the client cannot meet due to its technical difference. [#11707]
  • Ringbuffer access throws HazelcastInstanceNotActiveException when cluster state is PASSIVE. [#11664]
Coverity Fixes
  • The method addressTranslator.translate(target) of com.hazelcast.client.connection.nio.ClientConnectionManagerImpl.InitConnectionTask.run() may return null. The returned value is used as an argument for the method createSocketConnection(Address) which uses the value without a null-check. [#11771]