Package com.hazelcast.jet.cdc

package com.hazelcast.jet.cdc
Contains source/sink connectors that deal with Change Data Capture (CDC) events from various databases as well as a generic connector for Debezium CDC sources.
Jet 4.2
  • Class
    Contains factory methods for change data capture specific pipeline sinks.
    Information pertaining to a single data change event (insert, delete or update), affecting a single database record.
    Contains factory methods for creating Change Data Capture (CDC) sources.
    A builder to configure a CDC source that streams the change data from a Debezium-supported database to Hazelcast Jet.
    Describes the nature of a CDC event, mainly the type of action performed on a database record: insertion, update and deletion.
    Exception to indicate that parsing CDC JSON data has failed irrecoverably.
    Represents the top-level component of a ChangeRecord, such as the key or the value.