Hazelcast C++ Client
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hazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V > Member List

This is the complete list of members for hazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >, including all inherited members.

costhazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >
creationTimehazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >
EntryView(const K &key, const V &value, const map::DataEntryView &rhs)hazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >inline
expirationTimehazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >
hitshazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >
keyhazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >
lastAccessTimehazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >
lastStoredTimehazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >
lastUpdateTimehazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >
valuehazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >
versionhazelcast::client::EntryView< K, V >