ICountDownLatch MethodsHazelcast .Net Client Class Library

The ICountDownLatch type exposes the following members.


Public methodAwait
Causes the current thread to wait until the latch has counted down to zero, an exception is thrown, or the specified waiting time elapses.
Public methodCountDown
Decrements the count of the latch, releasing all waiting threads if the count reaches zero.
Public methodDestroy
Destroys this object cluster-wide.
(Inherited from IDistributedObject.)
Public methodGetCount
Returns the current count.
Public methodGetName
Returns the unique name for this IDistributedObject.
(Inherited from IDistributedObject.)
Public methodGetPartitionKey
Returns the key of partition this IDistributedObject is assigned to.
(Inherited from IDistributedObject.)
Public methodGetServiceName
Returns the service name for this object.
(Inherited from IDistributedObject.)
Public methodTrySetCount
Sets the count to the given value if the current count is zero.
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