Hazelcast.IO.Serialization NamespaceHazelcast .Net Client Class Library

Public classClassDefinitionBuilder
ClassDefinitionBuilder is used to build and register ClassDefinitions manually.
Public classHazelcastSerializationException
This is an exception thrown when an exception occurs while serializing/deserializing objects.
Public classHeapData

Public interfaceIByteArraySerializerT
For sample usage custom serialization and other way of custom serialization see IStreamSerializer<T> . Note that read and write methods should be compatible
Public interfaceIClassDefinition
ClassDefinition defines a class schema for Portable classes.
Public interfaceIData
Data is basic unit of serialization.
Public interfaceIDataSerializable
DataSerializable is a serialization method as an alternative to standard serialization.
Public interfaceIDataSerializableFactory
DataSerializableFactory is used to create IdentifiedDataSerializable instances during de-serialization.
Public interfaceIDataSerializerHook
Public interfaceIFieldDefinition
FieldDefinition defines name, type, index of a field
Public interfaceIIdentifiedDataSerializable
IdentifiedDataSerializable is an extension to IDataSerializable to avoid reflection during de-serialization. Each IdentifiedDataSerializable is created by a registered IDataSerializableFactory .
Public interfaceIPortable
Portable provides an alternative serialization method.
Public interfaceIPortableContext
Public interfaceIPortableFactory
PortableFactory is used to create Portable instances during de-serialization.
Public interfaceIPortableReader
Provides a mean of reading portable fields from a binary in form of primitives, arrays of primitives , nested portable fields and array of portable fields.
Public interfaceIPortableWriter
Provides a mean of writing portable fields to a binary in form of primitives, arrays of primitives , nested portable fields and array of portable fields.
Public interfaceISerializationService
Public interfaceISerializer
Base interface of custom serialization interfaces

see IByteArraySerializer<T> see IStreamSerializer<T>

Public interfaceISerializerHookT
Public interfaceIStreamSerializerT
A base class for custom serialization.
Public interfaceIVersionedPortable
VersionedPortable is an extension to IPortable to support per class version instead of a global serialization version.

Public enumerationFieldType