ILock InterfaceHazelcast .Net Client Class Library
Distributed implementation of Lock

Namespace: Hazelcast.Core
Assembly: Hazelcast.Net (in Hazelcast.Net.dll) Version:

public interface ILock : IDistributedObject

The ILock type exposes the following members.


Public methodDestroy
Destroys this object cluster-wide.
(Inherited from IDistributedObject.)
Public methodForceUnlock
Releases the lock regardless of the lock owner.
Public methodGetLockCount
Returns re-entrant lock hold count, regardless of lock ownership.
Public methodGetName
Returns the unique name for this IDistributedObject.
(Inherited from IDistributedObject.)
Public methodGetPartitionKey
Returns the key of partition this IDistributedObject is assigned to.
(Inherited from IDistributedObject.)
Public methodGetRemainingLeaseTime
Returns remaining lease time in milliseconds.
Public methodGetServiceName
Returns the service name for this object.
(Inherited from IDistributedObject.)
Public methodIsLocked
Returns whether this lock is locked or not.
Public methodIsLockedByCurrentThread
Returns whether this lock is locked by current thread or not.
Public methodLock
Acquires the lock.
Public methodLock(Int64, NullableTimeUnit)
Acquires the lock for the specified lease time.
Public methodTryLock
Tries to acquires the lock and returns immediately.
Public methodTryLock(Int64, NullableTimeUnit)
Tries to acquires the lock for the specified lease time.
Public methodUnlock
Releases the lock.
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