IAtomicLong InterfaceHazelcast .Net Client Class Library
IAtomicLong is a redundant and highly available distributed Atomic Long

Namespace: Hazelcast.Core
Assembly: HazelcastClient3x (in HazelcastClient3x.dll) Version:

public interface IAtomicLong : IDistributedObject

The IAtomicLong type exposes the following members.


Public methodAddAndGet
Returns the name of this IAtomicLong instance.
Public methodCompareAndSet
Atomically sets the value to the given updated value only if the current value the expected value.
Public methodDecrementAndGet
Atomically decrements the current value by one.
Public methodDestroy
Destroys this object cluster-wide.
(Inherited from IDistributedObject.)
Public methodGet
Gets the current value.
Public methodGetAndAdd
Atomically adds the given value to the current value.
Public methodGetAndIncrement
Atomically increments the current value by one.
Public methodGetAndSet
Atomically sets the given value and returns the old value.
Public methodGetName
Returns the unique name for this IDistributedObject.
(Inherited from IDistributedObject.)
Public methodGetPartitionKey
Returns the key of partition this IDistributedObject is assigned to.
(Inherited from IDistributedObject.)
Public methodGetServiceName
Returns the service name for this object.
(Inherited from IDistributedObject.)
Public methodIncrementAndGet
Atomically increments the current value by one.
Public methodSet
Atomically sets the given value.
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