IMember InterfaceHazelcast .Net Client Class Library
Cluster member interface.

Namespace: Hazelcast.Core
Assembly: HazelcastClient3x (in HazelcastClient3x.dll) Version:

public interface IMember : IDataSerializable, 

The IMember type exposes the following members.


Public methodGetAddress
Public methodGetAttributeT
Public methodGetAttributes
Returns configured attributes for this member.
This method might not be available on all native clients.
Public methodGetJavaClassName
Get Server Java Impl class full name
(Inherited from IDataSerializable.)
Public methodGetSocketAddress
Returns socket address of this endpoint
(Inherited from IEndpoint.)
Public methodGetSocketAddress
Returns the socket address of this member.
Public methodGetUuid
Returns unique uuid for this endpoint
(Inherited from IEndpoint.)
Public methodGetUuid
Returns UUID of this member.
Public methodLocalMember
Public methodReadData (Inherited from IDataSerializable.)
Public methodRemoveAttribute
Removes a key-value pair attribute for this member if given key was previously assigned as an attribute.
If key wasn't assigned to a value this method does nothing.
Public methodSetAttributeT
Public methodWriteData (Inherited from IDataSerializable.)

Cluster member interface. The default implementation violates the Serialization contract. It should be serialized/deserialized by Hazelcast.
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