Hazelcast.Config NamespaceHazelcast .Net Client Class Library

Public classAbstractXmlConfigHelper
Public classClientConfig
Public classClientNetworkConfig
Public classConfigurationException
A HazelcastException that is thrown when something is wrong with the server or client configuration.
Public classGlobalSerializerConfig
Public classGroupConfig
Contains the configuration for Hazelcast groups.
Public classListenerConfig
Contains the configuration for an IEventListener . The configuration contains either the classname of the IEventListener implementation, or the actual IEventListener instance.
Public classNearCacheConfig
Public classNearCacheConfigReadOnly
Public classProxyFactoryConfig
Public classSerializationConfig
Public classSerializerConfig
Public classSocketInterceptorConfig
Public classSocketOptions
Public classSSLConfig
COnfiguration for client to server secure communication via SSL
Public classXmlClientConfigBuilder

Public interfaceIConfigPatternMatcher
The IConfigPatternMatcher provides a strategy to match an item name to a configuration pattern.

Public enumerationInMemoryFormat
Storage format type of values stored in cluster