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Hazelcast Jet Management Center Release Notes

Welcome to the Hazelcast Management Center Release Notes. This document includes the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Hazelcast Management Center releases.

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Hazelcast Jet Management Center enables you to monitor and manage your cluster members running Hazelcast Jet. In addition to monitoring the overall state of your clusters, you can also analyze and troubleshoot your pipelines in detail and manage their lifecycle.

During development, Hazelcast Jet Management Center provides deep insights. In production, it can be directly used by IT operations.

Hazelcast Jet Management Center provides the fundamental properties of the selected cluster with an easy to use interface.


No new features/fixes has been added to the product in this release.


No new features/fixes has been added to the product in this release.


No new features/fixes has been added to the product in this release.


New Features

  • Maps screen now includes native(off-heap) and index memory consumption.


  • Fixed negative range error when the CPU metrics is not available from the JVM.



  • Better error page when there is a problem fetching the list of snapshots.


  • Fixed content negotiation issue which renders application unusable.

  • Fixed CLI error when the script path contains spaces.



  • Improved message wording when shutting down the cluster


  • Fixed stale configuration shown in the Maps section with the IMap event journal.

  • Fixed caching issue when a new version of Jet Management Center deployed but browser serves the previous cached version of it.

  • Fixed CLI error when jet-management-center.sh invoked from a different directory.


New Features

  • Cluster Shutdown: A button has been added to the Cluster screen which enables shutting down the cluster.

  • User Authentication: Introduced a basic user authentication to prevent unwanted parties to take management actions on the cluster. A single user can be configured for authentication in the configuration file.

  • Snapshot Management: Introduced ability to export snapshots from the jobs. To manage and see an overview of the exported snapshots, a new Snapshots screen has been introduced.

  • Maps: A Maps screen has been introduced to see an overview of the maps in the Hazelcast Jet cluster

  • Watermark Metrics: Latency and Skew metrics has been introduced and they are available when clicked on any vertex in the jobs details screen under the Watermark Statistics title.

  • Idle Processors: Processors are marked as IDLE in the Hazelcast Jet after a duration where a processor has not received any events. This information is now reflected to the Processors section when clicked to the any vertex in the directed acyclic graph.

  • Command Line Interface: Introduced a command-line interface to easily configure the Hazelcast Jet Management Center application on startup with numerous parameters. Also, added .sh and .bat starter scripts for the command-line interface to the distribution package for a better out-of-the-box experience


  • Printed out the URL of the Hazelcast Jet Management Center on application startup.

  • Changed the ASCII-art banner which is not consistent with the Hazelcast Jet


  • Fixed the CPU/Memory Usage charts where the latest point shows always zero.

  • Numerous minor UI improvements towards making the application pixel perfect.

  • Fixed excessive logging of feature disabled exceptions

  • Fixed rendering issue on directed-acyclic-graph when the vertex details column is higher than the directed-acyclic-graph column.

Behavioral Changes

  • Showing N/A for sources which presents 0/0 as queue size/queue cap


This is the initial version of the Hazelcast Jet Management Center