Class JobConfigArguments


public final class JobConfigArguments extends Object
Some constants for the JobConfig.getArgument(String) method.
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      public static final String KEY_SQL_QUERY_TEXT
      The key under which the SQL engine stores the SQL query text in JobConfig.getArgument(String). It's set for all jobs backing an SQL query.
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      public static final String KEY_SQL_UNBOUNDED
      The key under which the SQL engine stores whether the job backing an SQL query is bounded or unbounded (returning infinite rows). Use for JobConfig.getArgument(String). Contains a Boolean value.
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      public static final String KEY_REQUIRED_PARTITIONS
      The key under which the SQL engine stores detected partitions to apply member pruning technique.
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      public static final String KEY_JOB_IS_SUSPENDABLE
      The key under which caller marks analyzed job. The reason for not having a separate flag in JobConfig is that we want to preserve Jet's independence from SQL.

      The value for that key supposed to have Boolean 'false' value to prevent job suspension.

      By default, any normal Jet job is suspendable.

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