Package com.hazelcast.jet.core.metrics

package com.hazelcast.jet.core.metrics
Jet's Job Metric API.
Jet 3.2
  • Class
    An immutable collection of job-specific metrics, pairs of metric names and sets of associated Measurements.
    Immutable data class containing information about one metric measurement, consisting of: metric value metric timestamp, generated when the metric was gathered metric descriptor (set of tag name-value pairs)
    Static utility class for creating various Measurement filtering predicates.
    Handler for manipulating one user-defined metric.
    Each metric provided by Jet has a specific name which conceptually identifies what it's being used to measure.
    Utility class for obtaining handlers to user-defined metrics.
    A Java Service Provider hook for Hazelcast's Identified Data Serializable mechanism.
    Metric descriptors are formed from a comma separated list of tag_name=tag_value pairs.
    Measurement unit of user-defined metrics (see Metric).