Interface RetryStrategy

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    public interface RetryStrategy
    Description of a strategy to take when an action fails, like when connecting to a server. An example strategy for this scenario can be: "attempt to reconnect 3 times, wait 5 seconds between each attempt, if all of them fail, give up".

    The lifecycle of a retry strategy begins whenever an action fails and ends in one of two ways: either a retry of the action is successful (for example reconnection attempt to a server succeeds) or the strategy gives up (for example it did a specified maximum number of retries, all of them failed).

    Jet 4.3
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      • getMaxAttempts

        int getMaxAttempts()
        Maximum number of retry attempt that should be made before giving up.

        A value of 0 should be interpreted as "never retry". Action is performed once.

        A negative value is interpreted as "retry indefinitely, until success".

      • getIntervalFunction

        IntervalFunction getIntervalFunction()
        Function specifying how much time to wait before each retry attempt. Can specify a constant wait time, exponential backoff or any other, arbitrarily complex wait strategy.