Class MulticastProperties


public final class MulticastProperties extends Object
Defines the name and default value for the Multicast Discovery Strategy.
  • Field Details

    • PORT

      public static final PropertyDefinition PORT
      Property used to define multicast port.
    • GROUP

      public static final PropertyDefinition GROUP
      Property used to define zones for node filtering.

      public static final PropertyDefinition SAFE_SERIALIZATION
      Property which determines if Java Serialization is used (false) or rather the safer and portable one (true). The Java native serialization format which is used by default is sensitive to insecure deserialization attacks.

      Safe serialization format of the MulticastMemberInfo:

       boolean (1b):              flag if memberInfo provided (false mean memberInfo is null)
       UTF-8   (variable length): host
       int:    (4b):              port
      UTF-8 format notes (see DataOutputStream.writeUTF(String)):

      Two bytes (short) provides subsequent length to read. This value is the number of bytes actually, not the length of the string. Modified UTF-8 is used for decoding.