Class CompletableFutureUsageCondition

  • public class CompletableFutureUsageCondition
    extends com.tngtech.archunit.lang.ArchCondition<com.tngtech.archunit.core.domain.JavaClass>
    Hazelcast internal callbacks shouldn't use the ForkJoinPool#commonPool, due to the risk of blocking Hazelcast progress by other misbehaving applications/libraries.
    The following rules should enforce to use of a separate executor for executing dependent stages in a Hazelcast code:
    • from CompletionStage create a list of methods that have an Async counterpart
    • based on this list, filtering all their calls on the CompletableFuture instanceof objects
    • checking that no non-Async methods versions are used
    • checking that for Async methods the Executor service is specified
    • skipping methods that override CompletableFuture base class methods
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        com.tngtech.archunit.lang.ArchCondition.ConditionByPredicate<T extends com.tngtech.archunit.base.HasDescription &>
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      void check​(com.tngtech.archunit.core.domain.JavaClass item, com.tngtech.archunit.lang.ConditionEvents events)  
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      • check

        public void check​(com.tngtech.archunit.core.domain.JavaClass item,
                          com.tngtech.archunit.lang.ConditionEvents events)
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        check in class com.tngtech.archunit.lang.ArchCondition<com.tngtech.archunit.core.domain.JavaClass>