Interface DataConnectionService

public interface DataConnectionService
The interface provides access to DataConnections for Jet processors. A Jet processor can obtain a reference to the service via ProcessorMetaSupplier.Context.dataConnectionService().

Data connections can be created via one of the following ways:

  • Method Details

    • getAndRetainDataConnection

      @Nonnull <T extends DataConnection> T getAndRetainDataConnection(String name, Class<T> clazz)
      Returns DataConnection with the given name and `retain` it (calls DataConnection.retain()). The caller is responsible for calling DataConnection.release() after it is done with the DataConnection.

      Type is checked against the provided `clazz` argument.

      name - name of the DataConnection
      clazz - expected type of the DataConnection
      HazelcastException - if the requested DataConnection doesn't exist, or has a different type than `clazz`