Package com.hazelcast.partition

package com.hazelcast.partition
Contains the partition logic for Hazelcast.
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    Local statistics related to partition data replication.
    MigrationListener provides the ability to listen to partition migration process and events.
    MigrationState shows statistical information about the migration, such as; migration start time, number of planned replica migrations, number of completed replica migrations, total elapsed migration time etc.
    Thrown when there is no data member in the cluster to assign partitions.
    In Hazelcast the data is split up in partitions: by default, 271 and configurable through the 'hazelcast.partition.count' ClusterProperty.
    PartitionAware means that data will be based in the same member based on the partition key and implementing tasks will be executed on the PartitionAware.getPartitionKey()'s owner member.
    PartitionEvent is a base interface for partition related events.
    PartitioningStrategy allows keys to be located on the same member.
    The event is fired when a primary replica of the partition is lost.
    PartitionLostListener provides the ability to be notified upon a possible data loss when a partition loses a replica.
    PartitionService allows you to query Partitions and attach/detach MigrationListeners to listen to partition migration events.
    An event fired when a partition replica migration completes or fails.