Interface WanConsumer

public interface WanConsumer
Interface to be implemented by custom WAN event consumers. Wan replication consumers are typically used in conjunction with a custom WanPublisher. The publisher will then publish events in a custom fashion which the consumer expects and processes accordingly. This way, you can provide custom publication and consumption mechanisms and protocols for WAN replication. The default implementation of the WAN publisher ignores any configured custom consumers and the WAN events will be processed as if there was no custom consumer implementation. Can be registered by programmatically or by XML using WanConsumerConfig.
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  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    init(String wanReplicationName, WanConsumerConfig config)
    Initialize the WAN consumer.
    Callback method to shutdown the WAN replication consumer.
  • Method Details

    • init

      void init(String wanReplicationName, WanConsumerConfig config)
      Initialize the WAN consumer. The method is invoked once the node has started. The WAN consumer is responsible for registering itself for WAN event consumption. Typically this means that you would either use the ExecutionService to schedule the consumer to run periodically or continually by having an implementation which uses blocking or spinning locks to check for new events. The implementation is free however to choose another approach.
      wanReplicationName - the name of the WanReplicationConfig
      config - the WAN consumer config
    • shutdown

      void shutdown()
      Callback method to shutdown the WAN replication consumer. This is called on node shutdown.