Uses of Interface

Packages that use IList
com.hazelcast.jmx The com.hazelcast.jmx package contains MBeans and a ManagementService for JMX management JMX support in Hazelcast. 

Uses of IList in com.hazelcast.client

Methods in com.hazelcast.client that return IList
<E> IList<E>
HazelcastClient.getList(String name)

Uses of IList in com.hazelcast.core

Methods in com.hazelcast.core that return IList
<E> IList<E>
Hazelcast.getList(String name)
          Returns the distributed list instance with the specified name.
<E> IList<E>
HazelcastInstance.getList(String name)
          Returns the distributed list instance with the specified name.

Uses of IList in com.hazelcast.jmx

Constructors in com.hazelcast.jmx with parameters of type IList
ListMBean(IList<?> managedObject, ManagementService managementService)

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