Uses of Interface

Packages that use ISemaphore
com.hazelcast.jmx The com.hazelcast.jmx package contains MBeans and a ManagementService for JMX management JMX support in Hazelcast. 

Uses of ISemaphore in com.hazelcast.client

Methods in com.hazelcast.client that return ISemaphore
 ISemaphore HazelcastClient.getSemaphore(String name)

Uses of ISemaphore in com.hazelcast.core

Methods in com.hazelcast.core that return ISemaphore
static ISemaphore Hazelcast.getSemaphore(String name)
          Creates a cluster-wide semaphore.
 ISemaphore HazelcastInstance.getSemaphore(String name)
          Creates cluster-wide semaphore.

Uses of ISemaphore in com.hazelcast.jmx

Constructors in com.hazelcast.jmx with parameters of type ISemaphore
SemaphoreMBean(ISemaphore managedObject, ManagementService managementService)

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