Hazelcast C++ Client
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  oCMapEntryViewMapEntryView represents a readonly view of a map entry
  oCAddressIP Address
  oCaddressComparatorAddress comparator functor
  oCClientConfigHazelcastClient configuration class
  oCClientPropertyA client property is a configuration for hazelcast client
  oCClientPropertiesClient Properties is an internal class
  oCClusterHazelcast cluster interface
  oCCredentialsCredentials is a container object for endpoint (Members and Clients) security attributes
  oCDistributedObjectBase class for all distributed objects
  oCEntryAdapterAdapter for EntryListener
  oCEntryEventTypeType of entry event
  oCEntryEventMap Entry event
  oCEntryListenerMap Entry listener to get notified when a map entry is added, removed, updated or evicted
  oCEntryViewEntryView represents a readonly view of a map entry
  oCGroupConfigContains the configuration for Hazelcast groups
  oCHazelcastClientHazelcast Client enables you to do all Hazelcast operations without being a member of the cluster
  oCIAtomicLongIAtomicLong is a distributed atomic long implementation
  oCICountDownLatchICountDownLatch is a backed-up distributed alternative to the java.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch java.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch
  oCIdGeneratorCluster-wide unique id generator
  oCIListConcurrent, distributed , client implementation of std::list
  oCILockRe-entrant Lock, Distributed client implementation of Lock
  oCIMapConcurrent, distributed, observable and queryable map client
  oCInitialMembershipEventA event that is send when a InitialMembershipListener} registers itself on a Cluster
  oCInitialMembershipListenerThe InitializingMembershipListener is a MembershipListener that will first receives a InitialMembershipEvent when it is registered so it immediately knows which members are available
  oCIQueueConcurrent, blocking, distributed, observable, client queue
  oCISemaphoreISemaphore is a backed-up distributed alternative to the java.util.concurrent.Semaphore
  oCISetConcurrent, distributed client implementation of std::unordered_set
  oCItemEventTypeType of item event
  oCItemListenerItem listener for IQueue, ISet and IList
  oCITopicHazelcast provides distribution mechanism for publishing messages that are delivered to multiple subscribers which is also known as publish/subscribe (pub/sub) messaging model
  oCLifecycleEventEvent to be fired when lifecycle states are changed
  oCLifecycleListenerListener object for listening lifecycle events of hazelcast instance
  oCLoadBalancerLoadBalancer allows you to send operations to one of a number of endpoints(Members)
  oCMapEventMap events common contract
  oCMemberCluster member class
  oCMembershipAdapterAdapter for MembershipListener
  oCMembershipEventMembership event fired when a new member is added to the cluster and/or when a member leaves the cluster
  oCMembershipListenerCluster membership listener
  oCMultiMapA specialized distributed map client whose keys can be associated with multiple values
  oCSerializationConfigSerializationConfig is used to
  oCSocketC Sockets wrapper class
  oCsocketPtrCompSocket Ptr compare method
  oCSocketInterceptorBase class for socketInterceptor classes to inherit from
  oCTransactionalListTransactional implementation of IList
  oCTransactionalMapTransactional implementation of IMap
  oCTransactionalMultiMapTransactional implementation of MultiMap
  oCTransactionalQueueTransactional implementation of IQueue
  oCTransactionalSetTransactional implementation of ISet
  oCTransactionContextProvides a context to do transactional operations; so beginning/committing transactions, but also retrieving transactional data-structures like the TransactionalMap
  oCTransactionTypeTransaction type
  \CTransactionOptionsContains the configuration for a Hazelcast transaction