IInitialMembershipListener InterfaceHazelcast .Net Client Class Library
The InitializingMembershipListener is a IMembershipListener that will first receives a InitialMembershipEvent when it is registered so it immediately knows which members are available. After that event has been received, it will receive the normal MembershipEvents. When the InitializingMembershipListener already is registered on a ICluster and is registered again on the same ICluster instance, it will not receive an additional MembershipInitializeEvent. So this is a once only event.

Namespace: Hazelcast.Core
Assembly: Hazelcast.Net (in Hazelcast.Net.dll) Version:

public interface IInitialMembershipListener : IMembershipListener, 

The IInitialMembershipListener type exposes the following members.


Public methodInit
Is called when this listener is registered.
Public methodMemberAdded
Invoked when a new member is added to the cluster.
(Inherited from IMembershipListener.)
Public methodMemberAttributeChanged
Invoked when an attribute of a member was changed.
(Inherited from IMembershipListener.)
Public methodMemberRemoved
Invoked when an existing member leaves the cluster.
(Inherited from IMembershipListener.)
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