Hazelcast.Core NamespaceHazelcast .Net Client Class Library
Hazelcast Core

Public classAbstractMapEvent
Public classDistributedObjectDestroyedException
A HazelcastException that indicates that a IDistributedObject access was attempted, but the object is destroyed.
Public classDistributedObjectEvent
DistributedObjectEvent is fired when a IDistributedObject is created or destroyed cluster-wide.
Public classDistributedObjectEventEventType
Public classEntryAdapterTKey, TValue
Public classEntryEventTKey, TValue
Map Entry event.
Public classEventObject
Public classHazelcastException
Base Hazelcast exception.
Public classHazelcastInstanceNotActiveException
Thrown when IHazelcastInstance is not active during an invocation.
Public classInitialMembershipEvent
A event that is send when a IInitialMembershipListener registers itself on a ICluster . For more information see the IInitialMembershipListener .
Public classItemEventTE
Map Item event.
Public classItemListenerT
Public classLifecycleEvent
Lifecycle event fired when IHazelcastInstance's state changes.
Public classLifecycleListener
Public classMapEvent
Public classMemberAttributeEvent
Public classMembershipEvent
Membership event fired when a new member is added to the cluster and/or when a member leaves the cluster.
Public classMembershipListener
Public classMessageT
Message for ITopic<E>.
Public classQueryException
Public classSqlPredicate
SQL Predicate
Public classStaleSequenceException
An exception that is thrown when accessing an item in the IRingbuffer using a sequence that is smaller than the current head sequence. This means that the and old item is read, but it isn't available anymore in the ringbuffer.

Public interfaceIAtomicLong
IAtomicLong is a redundant and highly available distributed Atomic Long
Public interfaceIClient
IClient interface allows to get information about a connected clients socket address, type and uuid.
Public interfaceIClientListener
IClientListener allows to get notified when a IClient is connected to or disconnected from cluster.
Public interfaceIClientService
IClientService allows to query connected IClient s and attach/detach IClientListener s to listen connection events.
Public interfaceICluster
Hazelcast cluster interface.
Public interfaceICountDownLatch
ICountDownLatch is a backed-up distributed alternative to the .

ICountDownLatch is a cluster-wide synchronization aid that allows one or more threads to wait until a set of operations being performed in other threads completes.

There are a few differences compared to the ICountDownLatch :

  1. the ICountDownLatch count can be re-set using TrySetCount(int) after a countdown has finished but not during an active count. This allows the same latch instance to be reused.
  2. there is no await() method to do an unbound wait since this is undesirable in a distributed application: it can happen that for example a cluster is split or that the master and replica's all die. So in most cases it is best to configure an explicit timeout so have the ability to deal with these situations.
Public interfaceIDistributedObject
Base interface for all distributed objects.
Public interfaceIDistributedObjectListener
IDistributedObjectListener allows to get notified when a IDistributedObject is created or destroyed cluster-wide.
Public interfaceIEndpoint
Endpoint represents a peer in the cluster.
Public interfaceIEntryListenerTKey, TValue
Map Entry listener to get notified when a map entry is added, removed, updated or evicted.
Public interfaceIEntryViewTKey, TValue
IEntryView represents a readonly view of a map entry.
Public interfaceIEventListener
Public interfaceIExecutionCallbackT
IExecutionCallback allows to asynchronously get notified when the execution is completed, either successfully or with error.
Public interfaceIExecutorService
Distributed implementation of ExecutorService. IExecutorService provides additional methods like executing tasks on a specific member, on a member who is owner of a specific key, executing a tasks on multiple members and listening execution result using a callback.
Public interfaceIHazelcastInstance
Hazelcast instance.
Public interfaceIHazelcastInstanceAware
Used to get IHazelcastInstance reference when submitting a Runnable/Callable using Hazelcast ExecutorService.
Public interfaceIHCollectionT
Concurrent, distributed, partitioned, listenable collection.
Public interfaceIHListT
Public interfaceIHSetT
Concurrent, distributed implementation of ISet
Public interfaceIIdGenerator
Cluster-wide unique id generator.
Public interfaceIInitialMembershipListener
The InitializingMembershipListener is a IMembershipListener that will first receives a InitialMembershipEvent when it is registered so it immediately knows which members are available. After that event has been received, it will receive the normal MembershipEvents. When the InitializingMembershipListener already is registered on a ICluster and is registered again on the same ICluster instance, it will not receive an additional MembershipInitializeEvent. So this is a once only event.
Public interfaceIItemListenerTE
Public interfaceILifecycleListener
Listener object for lisntening lifecycle events of hazelcast instance
Public interfaceILifecycleService
ILifecycleService allows you to shutdown, terminate and listen to LifecycleEvent 's on IHazelcastInstance.
Public interfaceILock
Distributed implementation of Lock
Public interfaceIManagedContext
Container managed context, such as Spring, Guice and etc.
Public interfaceIMapTKey, TValue
Concurrent, distributed, observable and queryable map.
Public interfaceIMember
Cluster member interface.
Public interfaceIMembershipListener
ICluster membership listener.
Public interfaceIMessageListenerT
Message listener for ITopic<E> .
Public interfaceIMultiExecutionCallback
IMultiExecutionCallback allows to get notified when an execution is completed on each member which task is submitted to.
Public interfaceIMultiMapTKey, TValue
A specialized Concurrent, distributed map whose keys can be associated with multiple values.
Public interfaceIPartition
Virtual partition instance.
Public interfaceIPartitionAwareT
IPartitionAware allows implementing keys to be located on the same member or implementing tasks to be executed on IPartitionAware<T>.GetPartitionKey() 's owner member. This makes related data to be stored in the same location. (See data-affinity.)
Public interfaceIPartitioningStrategy
IPartitioningStrategy allows keys to be located on the same member This makes related data to be stored in the same location.
Public interfaceIPredicateTKey, TValue
Public interfaceIQueueT
Concurrent, blocking, distributed, observable queue.
Public interfaceIRingbufferT
A Ringbuffer is a data-structure where the content is stored in a ring like structure.
Public interfaceISemaphore
ISemaphore is a backed-up distributed alternative to the System.Threading.Semaphore .
Public interfaceITopicT
Hazelcast provides distribution mechanism for publishing messages that are delivered to multiple subscribers which is also known as publish/subscribe (pub/sub) messaging model.
Public interfaceITransactionalListE
Transactional implementation of IHList<E>
Public interfaceITransactionalMapTKey, TValue
Transactional implementation of Map
Public interfaceITransactionalMultiMapTKey, TValue
Transactional implementation of MultiMap
Public interfaceITransactionalQueueT
Transactional implementation of Queue
Public interfaceITransactionalSetE
Transactional implementation of IHSet<E> .

Public enumerationClientType
Type of a client.
Public enumerationEntryEventType
Type of entry event.
Public enumerationItemEventType
Type of item event.
Public enumerationLifecycleEventLifecycleState
lifecycle states
Public enumerationOverflowPolicy
Using this policy one can control the behavior what should to be done when an item is about to be added to the ringbuffer, but there is 0 remaining capacity.
Public enumerationTimeUnit
Represent Time units