IQueueTDrainToTE Method (ICollectionTE, Int32)Hazelcast .Net Client Class Library
Removes at most the given number of available elements from this queue and adds them to the given collection. A failure encountered while attempting to add elements to collection c may result in elements being in neither, either or both collections when the associated exception is thrown. Attempts to drain a queue to itself result in IllegalArgumentException. Further, the behavior of this operation is undefined if the specified collection is modified while the operation is in progress.

Namespace: Hazelcast.Core
Assembly: Hazelcast.Net (in Hazelcast.Net.dll) Version:

int DrainTo<TE>(
	ICollection<TE> c,
	int maxElements
where TE : T


Type: System.Collections.GenericICollectionTE
the collection to transfer elements into
Type: SystemInt32
the maximum number of elements to transfer

Type Parameters

type of elements

Return Value

Type: Int32
the number of elements transferred
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