Class JobStateSnapshot


public final class JobStateSnapshot extends Object
A handle to an exported state snapshot created using Job.exportSnapshot(String).
Jet 3.0
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  • Method Details

    • name

      @Nonnull public String name()
      Returns the snapshot name. This is the name that was given to Job.exportSnapshot(String).
    • creationTime

      public long creationTime()
      Returns the time the snapshot was created.
    • jobId

      public long jobId()
      Returns the job ID of the job the snapshot was originally exported from.
    • jobName

      @Nullable public String jobName()
      Returns the job name of the job the snapshot was originally exported from.
    • payloadSize

      public long payloadSize()
      Returns the size in bytes of the payload data of the state snapshot. Doesn't include storage overhead and especially doesn't account for backup copies.
    • dagJsonString

      @Nonnull public String dagJsonString()
      Returns the JSON representation of the DAG of the job this snapshot was created from.
    • destroy

      public void destroy()
      Destroy the underlying distributed object.