Class HashJoinBuilder<T0>

  • Type Parameters:
    T0 - the type of the items in the primary stage

    public class HashJoinBuilder<T0>
    extends GeneralHashJoinBuilder<T0>
    Offers a step-by-step fluent API to build a hash-join pipeline stage. To obtain it, call BatchStage.hashJoinBuilder() on the primary stage, the one whose data will be enriched from all other stages.

    Collect all the tags returned from add() and use them to retrieve the enriching items from ItemsByTag you get in the result.

    This object is mainly intended to build a hash-join of the primary stage with three or more contributing stages. For one or two stages, prefer the direct stage.hashJoin(...) calls because they offer more static type safety.

    Jet 3.0
    • Method Detail

      • build

        public <R> BatchStage<R> build​(BiFunctionEx<T0,​ItemsByTag,​R> mapToOutputFn)
        Builds a new pipeline stage that performs the hash-join operation. Attaches the stage to all the contributing stages.

        The given function must be stateless and cooperative.

        the new hash-join pipeline stage