Class AvroFileFormat<T>

Type Parameters:
T - type of items a source using this file format will emit
All Implemented Interfaces:
FileFormat<T>, Serializable

public class AvroFileFormat<T> extends Object implements FileFormat<T>
FileFormat for avro files. See FileFormat.avro() for more details.
Jet 4.4
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    • withReflect

      @Nonnull public AvroFileFormat<T> withReflect(@Nullable Class<T> reflectClass)
      Specifies to use reflection to deserialize data into the given class. Jet will use the ReflectDatumReader to read Avro data. The parameter may be null, this disables the option to deserialize using reflection.
      reflectClass - class to deserialize data into
    • reflectClass

      @Nullable public Class<T> reflectClass()
      Returns the class Jet will deserialize data into (using reflection). Null if not set.
    • format

      @Nonnull public String format()
      Description copied from interface: FileFormat
      Returns the name of the file format. The convention is to use the well-known filename suffix or, if there is none, a short-form name of the format.
      Specified by:
      format in interface FileFormat<T>
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      public boolean equals(Object o)
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      public int hashCode()
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