Interface MapStoreFactory<K,​V>

  • Type Parameters:
    K - type of the MapStore key
    V - type of the MapStore value
    Functional Interface:
    This is a functional interface and can therefore be used as the assignment target for a lambda expression or method reference.

    public interface MapStoreFactory<K,​V>
    Factory for MapLoader or MapStore instances, specifiable in MapStoreConfig.
    • Method Detail

      • newMapStore

        MapLoader<K,​V> newMapStore​(java.lang.String mapName,
                                         java.util.Properties properties)
        Produces a MapLoader or a MapStore for the given map name and properties. This method will be executed as part of a Hazelcast member's post-join operations, therefore it needs to adhere to the rules for post join operations, as described in PostJoinAwareService.getPostJoinOperation().
        mapName - name of the distributed map that the produced MapLoader or MapStore will serve
        properties - the properties of the MapStoreConfig for the produced MapLoader or MapStore