Class ScheduledTaskHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:
DataSerializable, IdentifiedDataSerializable

public abstract class ScheduledTaskHandler extends Object implements IdentifiedDataSerializable
Resource handler pointing to a IScheduledFuture. The handler is used to interact with the ScheduledFuture in a IScheduledExecutorService.

To access the handler, see IScheduledFuture.getHandler(). To re-acquire access to a previously scheduled task, having only the handler at hand, see IScheduledExecutorService.getScheduledFuture(ScheduledTaskHandler)

  • Constructor Details

    • ScheduledTaskHandler

      public ScheduledTaskHandler()
  • Method Details

    • getUuid

      public abstract UUID getUuid()
      Returns the uuid of the member the task is associated with.

      The uuid will be null, if the task was scheduled to particular partition.

      The uuid of the member
    • getPartitionId

      public abstract int getPartitionId()
      Returns the partition ID the task is associated with.

      If the task was scheduled to a particular member, then the partition ID will have the value of -1.

      The partition ID
    • getSchedulerName

      public abstract String getSchedulerName()
      Return the name of the ScheduledExecutor this tasks is running on.
      the name of the scheduler
    • getTaskName

      public abstract String getTaskName()
      Returns the name of the task.
      the task name
    • isAssignedToPartition

      public abstract boolean isAssignedToPartition()
      true when the associated task was scheduled on a specific partition
    • isAssignedToMember

      public abstract boolean isAssignedToMember()
      true when the associated task was scheduled on a specific member in the cluster
    • toUrn

      public abstract String toUrn()
      Returns the String representation of the handler.

      Useful for persisting and/or communicating this info. A ScheduledTaskHandler can be constructed again from the Urn String using of(String)

      URN representing the handler in a String format
    • of

      public static ScheduledTaskHandler of(String urn)
      Reconstructs a ScheduledTaskHandler from a URN String.
      urn - The URN of the handler as retrieved from toUrn()
      A ScheduledTaskHandler instance that can be used to access the scheduled task