Interface IPermissionPolicy

  • public interface IPermissionPolicy
    IPermissionPolicy is used to determine any Subject's permissions to perform a security sensitive Hazelcast operation.
    • Method Detail

      • configure

        void configure​(Config config,
                       java.util.Properties properties)
        Configures IPermissionPolicy.
        config - Hazelcast Config
        properties - additional properties used to configure the IPermissionPolicy
      • getPermissions getPermissions​( subject,
                                                          java.lang.Class<? extends> type)
        Determines permissions of subject.
        subject - the Subject
        type - of permissions in PermissionCollection
        PermissionCollection containing subject's permissions
      • refreshPermissions

        void refreshPermissions​(java.util.Set<PermissionConfig> permissionConfigs)
        Replaces existing permissions with given set of permissions. Implementation must take into account that refreshPermissions may be executed concurrently with getPermissions.
        permissionConfigs - the new set of permissions to apply