Package com.hazelcast.spi.discovery

package com.hazelcast.spi.discovery
This package contains the public SPI for vendors and users to implement their custom node / IP discovery strategy.
  • Class
    A common abstract superclass for DiscoveryStrategy implementations, offering convenient access to configuration properties (which may be overridden on the system's environment or JVM properties), as well as a ILogger instance.
    A DiscoveryNode describes a nodes addresses (private and if necessary a public one) as well as attributes assigned to this node.
    The DiscoveryStrategy itself is the actual implementation to discover nodes based on whatever environment is used to run the Hazelcast cloud.
    The DiscoveryStrategyFactory is the entry point for strategy vendors.
    Level of the discovery strategy.
    The NodeFilter, if supplied, will retrieve all discovered nodes and might apply additional filtering based on vendor provided metadata.
    Simple immutable implementation of the DiscoveryNode interface for convenience when implementing a DiscoveryStrategy.