Class AwsConfig

All Implemented Interfaces:
DataSerializable, IdentifiedDataSerializable

public class AwsConfig extends AliasedDiscoveryConfig<AwsConfig>
The AWSConfig contains the configuration for AWS join mechanism.

what happens behind the scenes is that data about the running AWS instances in a specific region are downloaded using the accesskey/secretkey and are potential Hazelcast members.


There are 2 mechanisms for filtering out AWS instances and these mechanisms can be combined (AND).
  1. If a securityGroup is configured, only instances within that security group are selected.
  2. If a tag key/value is set, only instances with that tag key/value will be selected.
Once Hazelcast has figured out which instances are available, it will use the private IP addresses of these instances to create a TCP/IP-cluster.
  • Constructor Details

    • AwsConfig

      public AwsConfig()
    • AwsConfig

      public AwsConfig(AwsConfig awsConfig)
    • AwsConfig

      public AwsConfig(String tag, boolean enabled, boolean usePublicIp, Map<String,String> properties)
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      public int getClassId()
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      type ID