Package com.hazelcast.splitbrainprotection

package com.hazelcast.splitbrainprotection
Contains classes related to cluster split brain protection.
  • Class
    SplitBrainProtectionFunctions which implement this interface will be notified of member heartbeats.
    Split brain protection functions that need access to ICMP ping failure detector should implement this interface; the instance of PingFailureDetector used by this member's ClusterHeartbeatManager will be provided on initialization.
    SplitBrainProtection provides access to the current status of a split brain protection.
    An Event that is send when a SplitBrainProtection changes.
    An exception thrown when the cluster size is below the defined threshold.
    A function that can be used to conclude whether the minimum cluster size property is satisfied? The split brain protection function is consulted:
    When a cluster membership change occurs (member added or removed) Whenever a hearbeat is received from a member, in case the SplitBrainProtectionFunction also implements HeartbeatAware A SplitBrainProtectionFunction that implements HeartbeatAware will be also notified of heartbeats.
    Listener to get notified when a split brain protection state is changed.
    Represents a cluster split brain protection type
    Split brain protection service can be used to trigger cluster split brain protections at any time.