Package com.hazelcast.cache.impl.operation

Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation


Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractMutatingCacheOperation Base class for all mutable cache operations.
CacheBackupEntryProcessorOperation Operation of the Cache Backup Entry Processor.
CacheClearBackupOperation Backup operation of CacheClearOperation.
CacheClearOperation Cache Clear will clear all internal cache data without sending any event
CacheClearOperationFactory OperationFactory implementation for Clear Operations.
CacheContainsKeyOperation Cache contains key operation, determines if the cache contains an entry for the specified key.
CacheCreateConfigOperation Used to create cluster wide cache configuration.
CacheDestroyOperation Destroys the cache on the cluster or on a single node by calling AbstractCacheService.destroyCache(String, boolean, String).
CacheEntryProcessorOperation Operation of the Cache Entry Processor.
CacheGetAllOperation Gets all keys from the cache.
CacheGetAllOperationFactory Factory implementation for CacheGetAllOperation.
CacheGetAndRemoveOperation Cache GetAndRemove Operation.
CacheGetAndReplaceOperation Cache GetAndReplace Operation.
CacheGetConfigOperation Cache GetConfig Operation.
CacheGetOperation Cache Get Operation.
CacheKeyIteratorOperation Provides iterator functionality for ICache.
CacheListenerRegistrationOperation Listener can be registered and unregistered by CacheService.
CacheLoadAllOperation Loads all entries of the keys to partition record store ICacheRecordStore.
CacheLoadAllOperationFactory Factory implementation for CacheLoadAllOperation.
CacheManagementConfigOperation Cache ManagementConfig Operation provides enabling/disabling the functionality of management and statistics mxbeans of the cache.
CachePutAllBackupOperation Cache PutAllBackup Operation is the backup operation used by load all operation.
CachePutBackupOperation Backup operation for the operation of adding cache entries into record stores.
CachePutIfAbsentOperation Operation implementation for calling ICacheRecordStore.putIfAbsent(Data, Object, ExpiryPolicy, String, int).
CachePutOperation Operation implementation for com.hazelcast.cache.impl.ICacheRecordStore#put(Data, Object, ExpiryPolicy, String) and com.hazelcast.cache.impl.ICacheRecordStore#getAndPut(Data, Object, ExpiryPolicy, String).
CacheRemoveAllBackupOperation Backup operation of CacheRemoveAllOperation.
CacheRemoveAllOperation TODO add a proper JavaDoc
CacheRemoveAllOperationFactory OperationFactory implementation for RemoveAll Operations.
CacheRemoveBackupOperation Backup operation used by remove operations.
CacheRemoveOperation Operation implementation for cache remove functionality.
CacheReplaceOperation Operator implementation for cache replace functionality.
CacheReplicationOperation Replication operation is the data migration operation of CacheRecordStore.
CacheSizeOperation This operation implementation is for calculating the cluster size of a named cache.
CacheSizeOperationFactory Factory implementation of CacheSizeOperation.

Package com.hazelcast.cache.impl.operation Description

Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation

ICache implementation's operations.

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