Hazelcast Root 3.4.2 API

com.hazelcast.ascii This package contains Ascii functionality for Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.ascii.memcache This package contains MemoryCache functionality for Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.ascii.rest This package contains Reset functionality for Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.aws Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast AWS.
com.hazelcast.aws.impl Provides implementation classes for Hazelcast AWS.
com.hazelcast.aws.security Provides security classes for Hazelcast AWS.
com.hazelcast.aws.utility Provides utility classes for Hazelcast AWS.
com.hazelcast.buildutils This module contains Maven and other build additions that are used by Hazelcast to build bundle modules
com.hazelcast.cache This package contains the public API extension for Hazelcast JCache, the Hazelcast implementation of the JSR-107 commonly referred to as JCache.
com.hazelcast.cache.impl Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.client Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation Client Requests
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.eviction Eviction policy implementations for cache.
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.eviction.impl Eviction implementations for cache.
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.eviction.impl.evaluator EvictionPolicyEvaluator implementations for cache.
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.eviction.impl.strategy EvictionStrategy implementations for cache.
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.eviction.impl.strategy.sampling Sampling based EvictionStrategy implementations for cache.
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.maxsize Max-Size policy interfaces for cache.
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.maxsize.impl Max-Size policy implementations for cache.
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.operation Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation
com.hazelcast.cache.impl.record Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation Internal record store
com.hazelcast.client Contains classes/interfaces related to Client
com.hazelcast.client.cache.impl Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation client side
com.hazelcast.client.config Contains classes related to config for com.hazelcast.client
com.hazelcast.client.connection Provides connection interfaces/classes for com.hazelcast.client
com.hazelcast.client.connection.nio Contains classes related to New IO for com.hazelcast.client.connection
com.hazelcast.client.console This package contains ClientConsoleApp
com.hazelcast.client.impl Contains most of the client side HazelcastInstance implementation functionality.
com.hazelcast.client.impl.client This contains the Requests and other DTO's exchanged between client/server
com.hazelcast.client.impl.exceptionconverters Contains logic to convert client exceptions.
com.hazelcast.client.impl.operations Contains client operations
com.hazelcast.client.nearcache Contains classes/interfaces related to com.hazelcast.client.nearcache
com.hazelcast.client.proxy This package contains client side proxy implementations of the different Hazelcast data structures and operation types
com.hazelcast.client.spi Contains classes/interfaces related to Service Provider Interface such as ClientProxy , ClientClusterService
com.hazelcast.client.spi.impl Provides util classes for com.hazelcast.client
com.hazelcast.client.txn Contains classes related to Txn such as TransactionProxy
com.hazelcast.client.txn.proxy Contains classes related to proxy for com.hazelcast.client.client.txn
com.hazelcast.client.util This package contains some utility classes and the base implementations of the loadbalancer implementations
com.hazelcast.cluster This package contains the cluster functionality.
com.hazelcast.cluster.client This package contains the client cluster functionality.
com.hazelcast.cluster.impl This package contains the implementation of the cluster functionality.
com.hazelcast.cluster.impl.operations This package contains operations for the com.hazelcast.cluster.impl package.
com.hazelcast.collection This package contains classes related to Collections (IList,ISet etc..)
com.hazelcast.collection.client This package contains client functionality for Collections in Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.collection.common This package contains common classes related to all collections
com.hazelcast.collection.list This package contains IList functionality for Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.collection.set This package contains ISet functionality for Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.collection.txn This package contains the Transaction behavior for the Collections.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomiclong This package contains IAtomicLong functionality for Hazelcast.
The IAtomicLong is the distributed version of the AtomicLong.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomiclong.client This package contains client requests for the IAtomicLong.
This package contains all the client request object to operate on the IAtomicLong that are send by the client.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomiclong.operations This package contains the operations on the IAtomicLong.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomicreference This package contains IAtomicReferece functionality for Hazelcast.
The IAtomicReference is the distributed version of the AtomicReference.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomicreference.client This package contains client requests for the IAtomicLong.
This package contains all the client request object to operate on the IAtomicLong that are send by the client.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.atomicreference.operations This package contains the operations on the IAtomicReference.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch This package contains ICountDownLatch functionality for Hazelcast.
The ICountDownLatch is the distributed version of the CountDownLatch.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.client This package contains client requests for the ICountDownLatch.
This package contains all the client requests object to operate on the ICountDownLatch that are send by the client.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.countdownlatch.operations This package contains the operations on the ICountDownLatch.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.idgen This package contains IdGenerator functionality for Hazelcast.
With the IdGenerator it is very simple to create cluster wide id's.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock This package contains Lock for Hazelcast.
The ILock is the distributed version of the Lock.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.client This package contains client requests for the ILock.
This package contains all the client requests object to operate on the ILock that are send by the client.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.lock.operations This package contains the operations on the ILock.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore This package contains ISemaphore functionality for Hazelcast.
The ISemaphore is the distributed version of the Semaphore.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.client This package contains client requests for the ISemaphore.
com.hazelcast.concurrent.semaphore.operations This package contains the operations on the ISemaphore.
com.hazelcast.config Provides classes for configuring HazelcastInstance.
com.hazelcast.console This package contains classes related to ConsoleApp
com.hazelcast.core Provides core API interfaces/classes.
com.hazelcast.core.server This package contains classes to launch standalone Hazelcast Instance
com.hazelcast.executor.impl This package contains IExecutorService functionality for Hazelcast.
The IExecutorService extends the ExecutorService and provides all kinds of additional methods related to distributed systems.
com.hazelcast.executor.impl.client This package contains client requests for the IExecutorService.
com.hazelcast.executor.impl.operations This package contains operations for the IExecutorService.
com.hazelcast.hibernate Contains interfaces/classes related to Hibernate.
com.hazelcast.hibernate.access Provides access interfaces/classes for Hibernate.
com.hazelcast.hibernate.distributed Provides distributed class for Hibernate.
com.hazelcast.hibernate.instance Provides instance interfaces/classes for Hibernate.
com.hazelcast.hibernate.local Provides local classes for Hibernate.
com.hazelcast.hibernate.region Provides region interfaces/classes for Hibernate.
com.hazelcast.hibernate.serialization This class contains the Hibernate4 serializer hooks so what we don't loose handling on serialization while working on hibernate
com.hazelcast.instance This package contains Hazelcast Instance functionality.
com.hazelcast.jca This package contains jca functionality
com.hazelcast.jmx Contains Hazelcast management bean classes.
com.hazelcast.logging This package contains logging functionality for Hazelcast.
Since Hazelcast has a zero dependency policy, Hazelcast provides a logging abstraction like commongs logging, so that different logging frameworks like log4j, can be hooked in.
com.hazelcast.management Contains classes to provide data/operation interface for Management Center.
com.hazelcast.management.operation Contains operations that are called from Management Center.
com.hazelcast.management.request Contains requests that made from Management Center.
com.hazelcast.map Contains Hazelcast map module classes.
com.hazelcast.map.impl Contains implementation specific classes of com.hazelcast.map package.
com.hazelcast.map.impl.client Contains client requests for the IMap
com.hazelcast.map.impl.eviction This package contains eviction classes.
com.hazelcast.map.impl.mapstore Contains map store operations.
com.hazelcast.map.impl.mapstore.writebehind Package for processing write behind store operations.
com.hazelcast.map.impl.mapstore.writethrough Package for processing write through store operations.
com.hazelcast.map.impl.operation Package for map operations.
com.hazelcast.map.impl.proxy Contains map proxy implementation and support classes.
com.hazelcast.map.impl.record Contains record specific classes.
com.hazelcast.map.impl.tx Contains implementation classes for TransactionalMap
com.hazelcast.map.impl.wan Contains wan replication event classes
com.hazelcast.map.merge Contains merge policies for IMap
com.hazelcast.mapreduce This package contains the MapReduce API definition for Hazelcast.
All map reduce operations running in a distributed manner inside the active Hazelcast cluster.
com.hazelcast.mapreduce.aggregation This package contains the aggregation API and the convenience helper classes to retrieve predefined aggregation implementations.
com.hazelcast.mapreduce.aggregation.impl This package contains a set of predefined aggregation implementations
com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl This package contains the default implementation for the map reduce framework internals.
com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl.client This package contains request and response classes for communication between cluster members and Hazelcast native clients
com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl.notification This package contains all remote node notifications
com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl.operation This package contains all remote operations that are needed to control work on supervising or worker nodes.
com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl.task This package contains the base implementation for a standard map reduce job.
com.hazelcast.memory Provides classes/interfaces for memory utilities, heap/native memory storage support.
com.hazelcast.monitor Contains Hazelcast statistics interfaces related to map, queue, topic, multimap, executor service etc.
com.hazelcast.monitor.impl Contains Hazelcast statistics implementations related to map, queue, topic, multimap, executor service etc.
com.hazelcast.multimap.impl Contains classes for Hazelcast MultiMap module.
com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.client Contains client requests for Hazelcast MultiMap module.
com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.operations Contains operations for Hazelcast MultiMap module.
com.hazelcast.multimap.impl.txn This package contains the Transaction behavior for the Multimap.
com.hazelcast.nio This package contains classes related to New IO
com.hazelcast.nio.ascii Contains SocketTextReader and SocketTextWriter classes;
com.hazelcast.nio.serialization Contains interfaces/classes related to serialization; such as serializer interfaces, input/output streams.
com.hazelcast.nio.serialization.serializers Contains interfaces/classes related to SerializerHook for ArrayList and LinkedList
com.hazelcast.nio.ssl Contains interfaces/classes related to SSL for New IO
com.hazelcast.nio.tcp Contains functionality for the TCP/IP Networking between cluster members
com.hazelcast.osgi This package contains the OSGI functionality for Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.partition Contains the partition logic for Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.partition.client Contains client functionality for partition related information.
com.hazelcast.partition.impl Contains the actual implementation of the InternalPartitionService.
com.hazelcast.partition.membergroup todo
com.hazelcast.partition.strategy Packages contains different partitioning strategies.
com.hazelcast.query Contains interfaces/classes related to Hazelcast query and indexing support.
com.hazelcast.query.impl Contains the implementation classes of the query functionality.
com.hazelcast.queue.impl This package contains the IQueue functionality.
The IQueue is the distributed version of the BlockingQueue.
com.hazelcast.queue.impl.client This package contains client requests for the IQueue.
com.hazelcast.queue.impl.operations This package contains the IQueue operations
com.hazelcast.queue.impl.proxy This package contains the IQueue proxies.
com.hazelcast.queue.impl.tx This package contains the Transaction behavior for the IQueue.
com.hazelcast.replicatedmap.impl This package contains the implementation of the replicated map service itself and some connection interfaces only used internally - No public API!
com.hazelcast.replicatedmap.impl.client This package contains classes for client communication on replicated map implementation
com.hazelcast.replicatedmap.impl.messages This package contains replication event classes to communicate replications to other nodes
com.hazelcast.replicatedmap.impl.operation This package contains some remote operations to execute on remote nodes
com.hazelcast.replicatedmap.impl.record This package contains the implementation of the backing data storage for the replicated map implementation
com.hazelcast.security Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast security implementation.
com.hazelcast.security.permission Contains all the security permissions
com.hazelcast.spi Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast SPI.
com.hazelcast.spi.annotation Contains annotations for Hazelcast SPI.
com.hazelcast.spi.exception Contains exceptions for Hazelcast SPI.
com.hazelcast.spi.impl Contains implementations for Hazelcast SPI.
com.hazelcast.spring Provides Spring interfaces/classes for Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.spring.cache Contains Hazelcast cache classes related to Spring.
com.hazelcast.spring.context Contains context classes for Spring.
com.hazelcast.spring.hibernate Contains class related to Hibernate.
com.hazelcast.storage This package contains storage functionality for Hazelcast.
com.hazelcast.topic.impl This package contains ITopic functionality for Hazelcast.
With the ITopic it is possible to create publish subscribe solutions similar to JMS Topics.
com.hazelcast.topic.impl.client This package contains client requests for the ITopic.
com.hazelcast.transaction Provides interfaces/classes for Hazelcast transaction support.
com.hazelcast.transaction.client This package contains client transaction code
com.hazelcast.transaction.impl Provides implementation for Hazelcast transaction support.
com.hazelcast.util This package contains classes to support the inner workings of Hazelcast as well as some backports of newer Java features / data structures to support older Java versions in a clean and nice way.
com.hazelcast.util.executor This package contains classes related to Util.Executor
com.hazelcast.util.scheduler This package contains scheduler classes for Util
com.hazelcast.wan This package contains the WAN replication API
com.hazelcast.wan.impl This package contains the opensource implementation of WAN replication
com.hazelcast.web Provides Hazelcast-based session replication.
com.hazelcast.web.spring Provides Spring aware Hazelcast based session replication.


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