Package com.hazelcast.client

Contains classes/interfaces related to Client


Interface Summary
ClientEndpoint Represents an endpoint to a client.
ClientEndpointManager A manager for ClientEndpoints.
ClientEngine The client Engine.
ClientExtension ClientExtension is a client extension mechanism to be able to plug different implementations of some modules, like; SerializationService, SocketChannelWrapperFactory etc.
LoadBalancer LoadBalancer allows you to send operations to one of a number of endpoints(Members).

Class Summary
ClientOutOfMemoryHandler To clear resources of the client upon OutOfMemory
ClientTypes Constants class that contains the different types of clients.
HazelcastClient The HazelcastClient is comparable to the Hazelcast class and provides the ability the create and manage Hazelcast clients.

Exception Summary
AuthenticationException A HazelcastException that is thrown when there is an Authentication failure: e.g.

Package com.hazelcast.client Description

Contains classes/interfaces related to Client

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