Package com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl.task

This package contains the base implementation for a standard map reduce job.


Class Summary
DefaultContext<KeyIn,ValueIn> This is the internal default implementation of a map reduce context mappers emit values to.
JobPartitionStateImpl This class holds information about the current processing state and the owner of a partition
JobProcessInformationImpl This class controls all partition states and is capable of atomically updating those states.
JobSupervisor The JobSupervisor is the overall control instance of a map reduce job.
JobTaskConfiguration This class contains all configuration settings for a given map reduce job.
KeyValueJob<KeyIn,ValueIn> This class is the internal representation of a map reduce job.
KeyValueSourceMappingPhase<KeyIn,ValueIn,KeyOut,ValueOut> This class executes the mapping phase for a given KeyValueSource scope.
MapCombineTask<KeyIn,ValueIn,KeyOut,ValueOut,Chunk> This class acutally executed the mapping-combine phase.
MappingPhase<KeyIn,ValueIn,KeyOut,ValueOut> This is the base of all mapping phase implementations.
MemberAssigningJobProcessInformationImpl This JobProcessInformationImpl extending class is used in non partitionId based map reduce tasks where partitions are kind of simulated using a unique id per member.
ReducerTask<Key,Chunk> This task implementation executes the reducing phase.
TrackableJobFuture<V> This is the node based implementation of the job's reactive ICompletableFuture and is returned to the users codebase.
TransferableJobProcessInformation This implementation of JobProcessInformation is used to transmit the currently processed number of records and the partition states to a requesting client.

Package com.hazelcast.mapreduce.impl.task Description

This package contains the base implementation for a standard map reduce job.

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