Contains requests that made from Management Center.


Interface Summary
ConsoleRequest Represents request sent from Management Center.

Class Summary
ClusterPropsRequest Request for cluster properties.
ConsoleCommandRequest Request for sending console commands.
ConsoleRequestConstants Constants to identify serialized requests.
ExecuteScriptRequest Request for executing scripts on the nodes from Management Center.
GetLogsRequest Deprecated.
GetMapEntryRequest Request for fetching map entries.
GetMemberSystemPropertiesRequest Request for fetching member system properties.
GetSystemWarningsRequest Deprecated.
MapConfigRequest Request for updating map configuration from Management Center.
MemberConfigRequest Request for fetching member XML configuration.
RunGcRequest Request for invoking Garbage Collection on the node.
ShutdownMemberRequest Request for shutting down the member.
ThreadDumpRequest Request for generating thread dumps.

Package Description

Contains requests that made from Management Center.

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