Package com.hazelcast.query.impl

Contains the implementation classes of the query functionality.


Interface Summary
Index This interface contains the methods related to index of Query.
IndexStore This interface stores indexes of Query.
QueryableEntry This interface contains methods related to Queryable Entry which means searched an indexed by sql query or predicate .
QueryResultEntry This interfaces provides methods related to entry of the query result.

Class Summary
AndResultSet And Result set for Predicates.
BaseIndexStore Base class for concrete index store implementations
IdentityConverter Converts to the same value
IndexImpl Implementation for Index
IndexImpl.NullObject Provides comparable null object.
IndexService This class contains methods which manipulate and access index.
MultiResultSet Multiple result set for Predicates.
OrResultSet Or result set for Predicates.
QueryContext Provides the context of Query.
QueryEntry Entry of the Query.
QueryResultEntryImpl Multiple result set for Predicates
ReflectionHelper Scans your classpath, indexes the metadata, allows you to query it on runtime.
SingleResultSet Multiple result set for Predicates.
SortedIndexStore Store indexes rankly.
UnsortedIndexStore Store indexes out of turn.
UUIDConverter TypeConverter to handle UUID

Enum Summary
AttributeType Type of Attribute
ComparisonType Type of Comparison

Package com.hazelcast.query.impl Description

Contains the implementation classes of the query functionality.

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