Package com.hazelcast.query

Contains interfaces/classes related to Hazelcast query and indexing support.


Interface Summary
IndexAwarePredicate This interface using for create filterable Predicates.
Predicate<K,V> Predicate instance must be thread-safe.

Class Summary
EntryObject This class provides functionality related to build predicate.
PagingPredicate This class is a special Predicate which helps to get a page-by-page result of a query Can be constructed with a page-size, an inner predicate for filtering, A comparator for sorting \ This class is not thread-safe and stateless.
PagingPredicateAccessor This class provides paging accessor of predicate.
PredicateBuilder This class provides functionality to build predicate.
Predicates A utility class to create Predicate instances.
Predicates.AbstractPredicate Provides some functionality for some predicates such as Between, In.
Predicates.AndPredicate And Predicate
Predicates.BetweenPredicate Between Predicate
Predicates.EqualPredicate Equal Predicate
Predicates.GreaterLessPredicate Greater Less Predicate
Predicates.ILikePredicate Ilike Predicate
Predicates.InPredicate In Predicate
Predicates.LikePredicate Like Predicate
Predicates.NotEqualPredicate Not Equal Predicate
Predicates.NotPredicate Not Predicate
Predicates.OrPredicate Or Predicate
Predicates.RegexPredicate Regex Predicate
QueryConstants Contains constants for Query.
SqlPredicate This class contains methods related to conversion of sql query to predicate.
TruePredicate A Predicate which always returns true.

Exception Summary
QueryException Exception class for the Query.

Package com.hazelcast.query Description

Contains interfaces/classes related to Hazelcast query and indexing support.

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