Package com.hazelcast.hibernate.access

Provides access interfaces/classes for Hibernate.


Interface Summary
AccessDelegate<T extends HazelcastRegion> This interface is used to implement basic transactional guarantees

Class Summary
AbstractAccessDelegate<T extends HazelcastRegion> Base implementation for consistency guarantees
NonStrictReadWriteAccessDelegate<T extends HazelcastRegion> Makes no guarantee of consistency between the cache and the database.
ReadOnlyAccessDelegate<T extends HazelcastRegion> Guarantees that view is read-only and no updates can be made
ReadWriteAccessDelegate<T extends HazelcastRegion> Makes READ COMMITTED consistency guarantees even in a clustered environment.

Package com.hazelcast.hibernate.access Description

Provides access interfaces/classes for Hibernate. such as AccessDelegate , ReadWriteAccessDelegate.

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