Package com.hazelcast.cache.impl

Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation


Interface Summary
CacheEventData Internal event data wrapper used during publishing and dispatching events.
CacheEventListener Cache Event Listener interface is designated for handling cache events internally such as delegating events to cache event listener.
CacheOperationProvider Provide InMemoryFormat specific operations for cache
CacheSyncListenerCompleter used to state that a sync event completed and any resources waiting for it should be released
ICacheRecordStore ICacheRecordStore is the core contract providing internal functionality to ICache implementations on partition scope.

Class Summary
AbstractCacheRecordStore<R extends CacheRecord,CRM extends SampleableCacheRecordMap<Data,R>>  
AbstractClusterWideIterator<K,V> AbstractClusterWideIterator provides the core iterator functionality shared by its descendants.
AbstractHazelcastCacheManager Abstract HazelcastCacheManager (also CacheManager as indirect) implementation provides shared functionality to server and client cache managers.
AbstractHazelcastCachingProvider Abstract CachingProvider implementation providing shared functionality to server and client caching providers.
CacheClearResponse This class is a simple object wrapper to be used by CacheClearOperation.
CacheDataSerializerHook CacheDataSerializerHook contains all the ID hooks for IdentifiedDataSerializable classes used inside the JCache framework.
CacheDistributedObject Basic distributed object which serves as an accessor to CacheService and NodeEngine.
CacheEntry<K,V> Simple Cache.Entry implementation for wrapping a "key,value" pair.
CacheEntryEventImpl<K,V> CacheEntryEvent implementation is the actual event object received by sub-interfaces of CacheEntryListener.
CacheEntryProcessorEntry<K,V,R extends CacheRecord> This class is an implementation of MutableEntry which is provided into EntryProcessor.process(javax.cache.processor.MutableEntry, Object...).
CacheEntryProcessorResult<T> This simple implementation of EntryProcessorResult wraps the result returned or exception thrown in a single object so that multiple exceptions from multiple entry processes can be returned.
CacheEventDataImpl Implementation of CacheEventData.
CacheEventListenerAdaptor<K,V> This implementation of CacheEventListener uses the adapter pattern for wrapping all cache event listener types into a single listener.
CacheEventSet Internal Set wrapper of CacheEventData items used during publishing and dispatching events.
CacheKeyIteratorResult Response data object returned by CacheKeyIteratorOperation.
CacheMXBeanImpl Implementation of CacheMXBean.
CachePartitionSegment Cache Partition Segment
CachePortableHook CachePortableHook contains all the ID hooks for classes used inside the JCache framework which implement Portable.
CacheProxy<K,V> ICache implementation
CacheProxyUtil Static util methods for ICache implementations.
CacheRecordStore On-Heap implementation of the ICacheRecordStore
CacheService Cache Service is the main access point of JCache implementation.
CacheStatisticsImpl CacheStatistics implementation for ICache.
CacheStatisticsMXBeanImpl Implementation of CacheStatisticsMXBean
ClusterWideIterator<K,V> Cluster-wide iterator for ICache.
DefaultOperationProvider Provide operations other then InMemoryFormat.NATIVE
HazelcastServerCacheManager Hazelcast CacheManager for server implementation.
HazelcastServerCachingProvider Provides server cachingProvider implementation.
MXBeanUtil MXBean utility methods related to registration of the beans.
TCKMBeanServerBuilder An MBeanServer builder required by TCK tests.

Enum Summary
CacheEventType Hazelcast JCache implementation's internal event types.

Package com.hazelcast.cache.impl Description

Hazelcast JSR-107 aka JCache implementation

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