Contains classes to provide data/operation interface for Management Center.


Interface Summary
JsonSerializable JsonSerializable is a serialization interface that serializes/de-serializes to/from JSON.

Class Summary
ConsoleCommandHandler Handler class for console commands that sent from Console application which located in Management Center.
ManagementCenterIdentifier Identifier for the ManagementCenter.
ManagementCenterService ManagementCenterService is responsible for sending statistics data to the Management Center.
MapConfigAdapter Serializable adapter for MapConfig
MonitoredThread Holds monitoring information( CPU percentage etc.) for threads.
ScriptEngineManagerContext Accessor for ScriptEngineManager
SerializableClientEndPoint A Serializable DTO for ClientEndpoint.
SerializableConnectionManagerBean A Serializable DTO for ConnectionManagerMBean.
SerializableEventServiceBean A Serializable DTO for EventServiceMBean.
SerializableManagedExecutorBean A Serializable DTO for ManagedExecutorServiceMBean.
SerializableMXBeans Holder class for serializable service beans.
SerializableOperationServiceBean A Serializable DTO for OperationServiceMBean.
SerializablePartitionServiceBean A Serializable DTO for PartitionServiceMBean.
SerializableProxyServiceBean A Serializable DTO for ProxyServiceMBean.
ThreadDumpGenerator Generates thread dumps.
TimedMemberStateFactory A Factory for creating TimedMemberState instances.

Package Description

Contains classes to provide data/operation interface for Management Center.

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